"Classic Scientific" make Autoclaves are designed and fabricated for steam sterilization process to Kill micro-organism through the application of saturated steam under pressure to suit various I.S. standards application in the growing field of Medical, Agricultural Institution, Bio-Chemical Industrial, Research laboratories and Various Industries.

Features :

  • Specification : As per BS 2646-5:1993. Autoclaves for sterilization in laboratories Methods of Test for function and performance.
    The Energy from the water is transferred into high pressure steam inside the Stainless steel chamber up to 15-psi pressure or 121.4oC temperature. The Chamber (electrical) is fill with clean water for sterilization. This heat process generated chemical free steam for sterilization.
  • Temperature Controller : Microprocessor based LCD temp. controller ( GMP model optional )
  • Pressure Controller : Mechanically operated pressure/steam release valve
  • Pressure Gauge : Analog Dial type Pressure Gauge
  • Temperature Sensor : Standard coupling type PT 100 Sensor ( GMP model)
  • Heat Exchanger : The electrical heat exchanger transfer latent heat to the clean fill water to generated steam under pressure
  • Water Level Control : Low water level cut off electronic circuit protects the electrical heat exchanger from low water level inside the chamber, this Cut's off the power supply to the heat exchanger
  • Steam Outlet : Steam generated from the unit is raised and exits thought the electrically operated steam Purging solonide valve from the outlet ( GMP model)


Models CS-48a CS-48b CS-48c CS-48d CS-48e
Capacity 35 ltrs 52 ltrs 119 ltrs 178 ltrs 213 ltrs
Inner Size 30 dia X 50 h 35 dia X 55 h 40 dia X 75 h 55 dia X 75 h 55 dia X 90 h
Inner Chamber Stainless Steel 304 quality
External Stainless Steel 304 quality
Range Ambient to 15 psi pressure / 121.4 °C
Controller Mechanical Spring loaded value / µ based temp. controller (GMP)
Sensor Pt-100 (GMP)
Accuracy +/- 0.1 °C (GMP)
Uniformity +/- 1 % of set value
Max. Ramp up time 45 min. upto 121.4 °C without load with respect to ambient (GMP)
Insulation Air Bank 50 mm
Top Lid With Dome Shape Die press Stainless Steel Plate
Printer Output Printer output port RS232
Validation Facility Data logging facility for temperature validation report
Capacity (watts) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Power Consumption 10 amps 15 amps 20 amps 25 amps 30 amps
Net Weight approx. 15 kg 20 kg 30 kg 50 kg 55 kg
Electric requirements AC 230 V & 50 Hz cycle.
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